Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I got some lovely new charity shop bargains at the weekend. I love that there's a street about 5 minutes away that isn't very long, and still manages to have 8 charity shops on it! You do have to rummage to find the good stuff, and I'm always cross with myself for not getting up early and getting the best bargains. Maybe this week...

The first item I got in a charity shop at the other end of town. I was walking to the bus stop, and saw a charity shop still open at 6pm! It was like an oasis, I wasn't sure if it was real or not...I wish charity shops would stay open later so I could do midweek shopping too. But as it's usually volunteers who work there I don't blame them.

For £9.99 I got a Kushi dress - I don't know where this make comes from but this is my third Kushi dress, and they are always gorgeous, well made, and inexpensive. Pretty rare really!

For £4.99 each I got these two:

I'm going to make the black dress shorter, when I get my sewing machine for Christmas (I can't wait!!! So many projects planned!)

And lastly I bought this for £1.49, which is very Christmassy and unusual:

A good haul I think! Roll on this Saturday...

Danni x


Vintage Vixen said...

Kushi are an Indian-made brand that have been around for years. Mark One sold them for a while. Your finds are lovely. xxx

Alice said...

Those dresses are lovely. I wish I lived in walking distance to a Charity Shop, I swear I would be there everyday to see what they had put new out!x

Alex said...

Fab finds! The first dress looks really lovely on you and the necklace is really interesting and different.

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