Friday, 12 November 2010

Friday Randomness

Yay it's Friday - oh man, more drinking?? I feel like I haven't stopped drinking for the last three weeks! I've had to turn down invites to keep Saturday free for charity shopping then doing nothing all evening - I can't wait!

I thought I'd show you the other half's new purchase. But first, to explain. I like to read in bed. He likes to sleep in bed. He doesn't like the light on. I need the light on to read. Solved! With the help of a very flattering eye-mask...

Freaky, no?

I'm not looking forward to rolling over half asleep and screaming in terror with that "looking" at me!

I saw this on Upstyler's facebook page, and couldn't stop laughing, it's great. Upstyler is one of my favourite websites, with a magazine, blog and a shop selling great second-hand items. Enjoy!

Danni x


The Other Half..... said...

Wow, who's that guy. He looks super cool with his new eye mask. Yeah, if i were him i'd wear it all the time................

Alex said...

Oh that's terrifying! I have a sequinned Urban Outfitters one that says "F*** Off" on it, tee hee.

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