Thursday, 20 January 2011

Compliments and cute shoes

A lovely thing happened to me last week; after I wrote my Emily Barr book reviews, I put a link to them on Twitter and included @EmilyBarr on it (I'm not much of a Twitter user and if you aren't either it means that that person can see that you're talking to them specifically) and, OMG, she wrote back! She put:

@dannithegirl thank you! love your blog and thanks so much for the lovely reviews. you are v astute, those are absolutely my best 3 too x

How nice is that! Having one of your favourite authors say something lovely. At times like this I take back my hatred of all these new-fangled social network things!

And now for the cute shoes.

Aren't they lovely?! Only £7.20 (£10 from Office. They were originally £45, now I know I bought them, but I would never have bought them at that price, what a rip-off! But anyway, they're perfect for spring, whenever it will get here.

I also just went a bit mad on the Evans website in the sale, oh dear, I must stop spending money. But I'll have some lovely things to show you soon! I wish it was payday already, I personally have another TEN DAYS before I can stop taking money from my savings and using it to buy shoes that I don't need.

Danni x


Vintage Vixen said...

I'm waiting for an Office delivery, can't wait. I hope my new boots are as fab as those shoes.
How exciting about Emily Barr. I exchanged a few emails with one of my heroes, Peter Moore, Aussie travel writer and all round cool bloke. It's so nice when someone succesful finds time to connect with their fans. xxx

Mandsy said...

oh my, these are sooo cute :)

check out :

Alice said...

Those shoes are so lovely, the hearts are very cute indeed.
I know I would feel really inspired if an author I admire had the time to read my review :)x

Alex said...

Oh that must have been so exciting! I love how liberating the internet is. I'm not on Twitter but I follow a couple of blogs that are written by authors and it's so nice to be able to talk to them via comments.

ps - love the shoes! Isn't the Office sale amazing? I'm having to exercise HUGE restraint not to buy utterly impractical ankle boots.

corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...

oh wow, thats amazing that she wrote back to you, i'll bet it made your week! :)

adore these shoes, a fab bargain and very Viviene Westwood-esque,what is not to love? stunning :)

corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...

Hi again Danni, I gave you an award as I love your blog, head over to mine and check it out if your interested! xx

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