Friday, 7 January 2011

Bargains galore

Hi everyone!

I haven't really been feeling up to doing blogging, or anything, for a few days, because of a bad cold. Meh. Sniff sniff coff coff. But I wanted to share some bargains with you, starting with some shoes. I got these from Evans - their shoes are amazing! And so was their sale. I used my last bit of money in there even though I only went in for some tights, oops! Luckily I got paid early not long after, phew, saved from the evil bank charges.

Firstly there are these, slightly Gaga-esque boots:

Cute no? £15 down from £35.

Then there are these boots. They're amazing (excuse the rubbish pics coming up):

£90 down to £20! Bargain! They look a lot nicer in real life, and are really comfy. I even wore them shopping (I never wear any sort of heels to shop) and even though I was glad to swop them for bowling shoes a few hours later they were fine really.

Next, t-shirt and jacket from H&M, £3 and £5 respectively. The jacket has a rip in the back but I'm hoping to fix it with my new sewing machine...

They don't go well together, but are very cute seperately.

A £3 scarf from Evans:

And lastly, 3 skirts from Dorothy Perkins, one was £35 and two were £25, for THREE POUNDS EACH! Pics to be added of those soon because I forgot to take them, silly me. [Edit - Skirt pics added, sorry they're not great]

My New Years resolution is not to buy so many clothes though (all this was from last year!). I am doing well with buying mostly charity shop stuff, but I just can't resist a bargain, and although the above stuff are things I did need (obviously in the style sense, not like I only need clothes rather than air and water to survive), I buy things just because they're a bargain not because I need them. Last year I did well with almost completely weaning myself off Primark, so hopefully I'll be even better this year.

My other resolutions are: to lose weight - I started a second month of bootcamp this week, it's evil, especially as I did it in the rain for the first time and ended up shivering on the bus on the way to work for 45 minutes, but I can feel and see it working.

And to learn to sew. I set up my sewing machine yesterday, it was suprisingly tricky, because the instructions assume you know what the parts they talk about are, which I don't as I'm a complete beginner. It might also have been hard because of my cold making me very stoopid, anyway I decided to leave the actual sewing till I feel better so I don't end up breaking it or sewing my hands together!

Oh and I read all five Emily Barr books over the holidays and she's a fantastic author. I'm going to do reviews of them in my book section soon.

EDIT: You can read the book reviews here.

Danni x


Alice said...

Oh god you got some real bargains! Those Evans boots down from £90 and the Dorothy Perkins skirts £3!? I love it when shops reduce down so low because they literally just want rid of stuff, it's my favourite time to shop!

I've got that H&M tee! I got it just before Christmas and I love the poodles :) xx

Alex said...

£3 each for DP skirts? Quick, tell me which store that was in! I wish more stores dramatically reduced sales stock to get rid of it - £10 off something doesn't make it enough of a bargain for my liking!

I am in love with those boots by the way.

dannithegirl said...

Do you have the same problem as me where people keep staring at your boobs trying to work out what they are?!

dannithegirl said...

Alex, come to the Hove store! I was amazed, especially by a mustard coloured tweedy one which is gorgeous.

Me too, Evans rules. Just got some Evans cowboy boots from ebay and they are the comfiest shoes I've ever worn.

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