Thursday, 27 January 2011

Good things they are a-happenin'

A flurry of good things happened today and yesterday. Nothing major but I still thought I'd share!

Firstly, last night I actually managed to use my sewing machine for the first time! I'm so pleased, I've been a real idiot with setting it up, and worried that it would just sit and gather dust in my room and be a guilt present - like when
you were young and begged and begged for something, then when you got it realised that you didn't really want to use it. Anyway, this is NOT going to be one of those! I'm massively excited about all the possibilites now. All I actually managed to do was to sew a very wonky hem on a dress that I had bought from a charity shop then cut shorter, but all journeys start with a single step!


You can't see how wonky it is because it's a bit wavy, but it's not that noticeable luckily!

The second good thing is that I finished my second month of bootcamp this morning. I am SO much fitter than last month which is great. I can also jog a bit better even though I still hate it more than anything. The only bad thing is that I've built up muscle and not lost a lot of actual weight (I blame the muscle not the fact that I can't stick to a diet!) but I've got another two months of bootcamp booked (for the bargain price of £40) so hopefully now the weight will start to come off.

The third good thing is that my Evans delivery turned up yesterday! Very happy me, although I had to lug it all the way home in the big plastic sack they'd sent. Here's what I got:

Purse - £3 down from £10; brown boots - £10 down from £35; black knee high boots (I love these so much!!) - £15 down from £49.50; spotty tights - £3 down from £8 and some £5 tights.

I'm so happy with these purchases, I've been looking for black knee high boots for a while but just haven't found any that fit well or that don't look cheap. The brown boots seem really comfy - hopefully I'll wear them this weekend and find out! And it's really nice to get funky tights in a bigger size - I always buy patterned or coloured tights from Primark but they never go over my hips because they're two sizes bigger than the rest of me!

And lastly, I bought three new books from Waterstones with my giftcard yesterday; Lovers and Liars by Nina Bell, The Room by
Emma Donoghue and Peter James' newest book, Dead Like You. Peter James is great crime writer that bases his books in Brighton which makes for good reading seeing as I live here! I'm going to Cardiff this weekend for my almost-Stepmum's hen do so I can make a good start on these on the train.

Here's my outfit of the day to finish - It's a cute dress I got years ago from New Look for about £10, and a gorgeous blouse I got in a charity shop recently for £3.99. Oh and my now-permanently-on-my-feet black cowboy boots. I added a big thick brown cardi as well on which I've pinned these two lovely swallow brooches I got from Primark last year.

Danni x


Laurs said...

The dress + blouse combo is stunning. That blouse is sooo pretty x

Alice said...

I'm glad to hear you've got the sewing machine up and running, I'm sure you'l never look back now, sewing can become such a great hobby :)

The Evans purse was such a bargain too xx

Susan said...

Do you fancy popping to Edinburgh and setting mine up too?! I think that's the only way I'll start using it.

Loving the blouse/dress combo, it looks up/retro. xx

Vintage Vixen said...

You've done a great job on that frock and such bargainous finds, too. xxx

aroselikethis said...
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aroselikethis said...

your new dress looks so cute! andi have those swallow brooches too, i also bought 2 of them, they look really sweet as if there flying away :)


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