Monday, 31 January 2011

Hen do and sneaky charity shopping

I had a lovely weekend in Cardiff at my almost-Stepmum's hen do, full of feather boas, drag caberet and willy-shaped straws! But it actually wasn't tacky, I think because a lot of the women were older and/or married we didn't act like a group of sexed-up screaming banshees (although we did see quite a few of those groups while we were out!).

And I also had the oppurtunity to pop into a couple of charity shops; one while on a ten minute train change at Cosham - I decided to go to a charity shop instead of getting food which my stomach was very angry about - and the second when I got off the train in Cardiff - there were three in a row but I only managed to go in one because I had to meet the others.

I picked up a cute little brown bag and a yellow cardi in the first one, and a brooch and a pendant in the second. Here are some pics:

I love the cute price tag on the bag. The picture of me is my outfit of the day, the cardi is nice and warm and I think the pendant goes really well.

So I know everyone is giving up things at this time of year, but I have banned myself from buying anything online this month. It might not be a big deal for everyone, but I don't work near any shops so I do ALL my shopping online. And even though I get loads of bargains I spend so much money every month. So it's going to be quite hard for me! Although I am helped by the fact that a lot of sales are ending, and also because I don't have any more room for clothes anyway!

I am kind of tempted to not count ebay as online shopping, even though it totally is...

Last thing - if anyone reads this blog and isn't a follower, please can you follow me? It's only so I can see if any more than 11 people are reading, no other reason. Ta!

Danni x


Alice said...

I love sneaking into Charity Shops when out and about, even if it is only a quick stop!
The bag is lovely and the tag too probably would have stolen my heart likewise.
The cardi is a lovely colour, perfect for Spring time. I think you got some bargains :)xx

Laurs said...

It's tough trying to limit the spending! I'm always wanting something I've seen online! x

dannithegirl said...

Thanks Alice, yes the tag was a big part of the reason I bought it ; )

And yes I'm struggling on day 1 not to buy stuff, it's so hard!!

Alex said...

Oh I love it all. The cardi is beautiful, the bag is just lovely and the brooch is incredibly pretty. I wish I found more nice jewellery in charity shops.

Rebecca's Vintage Romance said...

That bag looks adorable! & the colour of that cardi looks really lovely on you!
I always say I'm on a shopping ban, but I still end up going to charity shops & buying loads! x

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Cute bag! x hivennn p.s enter my double vintage camera giveaway?

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