Monday, 21 February 2011

The LOOK Show!


I had a great time at the LOOK show on Friday, it was so nice to do something completely different. After a little bit of queuing I was in and instantly downed a glass of champagne - free booze! Then I skulked in a corner for a while because my friend was turning up a bit later, but it was a great opportunity to check out all the people, because everyone looked gorgeous! And that's not just me being nice, it really felt like it was a room full of normal people, wearing cool things that you could easily be wearing, and also people weren't "samey"; there were jumpsuits, dresses, heels, flats, short, long, block colours, spots...I liked almost every outfit I saw which is pretty unusual for me!

Not long after my lovely friend Jess turned up (and we knocked back another glass of bubbly!) it was time for the actual show. Now obviously the best bit for excitable me was the goody bag. I spent the first few minutes rummaging through it and exclaiming 'COOL' or 'weird' to the contents. Some of the things that were in it were:

Monsoon necklace
M&S sunnies
New Look scarf
Next Lip balm
Urban Decay eyeshadow
Sea salt texture-creating hair stuff
Fake tan
A very weird thing that uses red light therapy to help get rid of spots by pressing a lipstick shaped stick with batteries on your face...

There were some more little bits and pieces but those were the main things.

The show was good, there wasn't really anything crazy clothes-wise, some lovely colours, to be honest nothing was a massive departure from this seasons fashions. I'm going to put the best of the pictures I took below and you can have a look, they aren't great because a) the lighting was to bright for my camera to handle and b) we were behind a pillar (of course) and the split second it took to take the picture meant they had disappeared behind the pillar and I had a lovely picture of the audience...

Last thing before the pictures; I was supposed to be interviewed for the Dorothy Perkins website, but even though I went and found one of the women after I'd been there for a while and was told they'd find me later, no-one came over to find me, or called me, even just to say hi and well done for winning. I could see the two women chatting the whole time so it wasn't even that they were doing other things! I'm wondering whether to email them to ask what happened, because it felt a bit rude to be honest, or should I just leave it and be grateful that I went at all?! What do you think?

Enjoy the pics, some I've put up just because they look arty (accidentally of course!) and some because they show the celebs in the front row (Keisha ex-Sugababe, Mel from All Saints, Jaime Winstone and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Marina [and the Diamonds]).

 Outfit, hair and make-up (with fierce eyebrows)

Danni x


Alex said...

Oh that looks like much fun! Did you spot any other bloggers there?

Slightly poor form by the DP girls not to even come over and say well done! Perhaps a polite sort of thank you email that just mentions it slightly might be an idea?

Laurs said...

I would deffo send them an email or something to explain that you were there and available to be interviewed/spoken to but that no one did, despite you asking them. Polite but firm! Hopefully they'll give an apology or an explanation! Looks like you had fun though, I'd love to attend something like that!

Alice said...

Sounds like a great day, and lots of celeb spotting and goody bag delights xx

Vintage Vixen said...

How rude of the Dotty P's people! You looked fabulous. Glad you had fun. xxx

Alex said...

So jealous of your goody bag! Sounds like theres lots of great things in there :)

You looked beautiful!

Gem said...

oooh sounds fun! You mentioned your fierce eyebrow... Marina has great eyebrows, she inspired me to go out and get an eyebrow pencil x

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