Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Not the most exciting of giveaways I'm afraid as I'm pretty skint! Picked up a few little bits and have added a couple of nice things from my charity shopping that I thought people might like.

New Look flower print scarf

Bastiste dry shampoo - a life saver!!

Nails Inc nail varnish

Next lip balm

Vintage brooch (from charity shop)

Orange bangle (from charity shop)

There we go! I'm also going to add a little vintage clothing item (hopefully a dress) but I'm going to suit it (and size it!) to whoever wins.

How to enter

You must be a follower of my blog, and comment on this post telling me what your LEAST favourite kind of clothing is - harem trousers? (saggy crotch) Crop tops? (No one over 5 should be baring their stomach like that) Mine is anything tie-dyed - I don't think that requires an explanation!!

Extra entries:

1: Tweet with @dannithegirl is having a giveaway! http://dannithegirl.blogspot.com/
2: Mention the giveaway on your blog with a link.

Please let me know you've done each thing with a SEPERATE comment.

Blogs and twitter accounts set up just for giveaways will not be counted.

EDIT: Forgot to say that the closing date is 21st July.

Good luck everyone!

No outfit picture, just a picture of one of my favourite necklaces that I'm wearing today:

Danni x


Sophie - Country girl said...

woo, enter me please! I'm following. I hate leggings with no long top over the top!!!

Sophie - Country girl said...

and I've just done the tweet on the twitter @countrygirldoes
I also hate capris. I don't like the thought of cold ankles, on me or others.

Charli said...

I hate leggings that people wear as trousers..I have seen far too many pairs of dotty knickers :(
gfc - tinker_bell1990

Charli said...

I also hate hareems with ugg boots AND FAKE UGGS!
I follow and have tweeted from @Charli008 x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Hello what a fab giveaway, I love that scarf. My least favourite item of clothing? Hmmm cargo pants? No, no, no! You are not in All Saints.

Anonymous said...

Great giveaway, that brooch is stunning! I follow through gfc.
I cannot stand those printed harem-type trousers. Why would you want to look like you're wearing pyjama bottoms where the crotch has gone baggy...I don't get it!!


Hailie x

Alex said...

Oooh, giveaway! Thanks for the reminder - I'm so behind with comments at the moment. That brooch is beyond lovely. I want to win it!

Hmmm, least favourite clothing? Where do I start? The most current hated thing is bizarre jumpsuits that don't fit. I've seen loads of them around at the moment and they ALL make the wearer look as if they've got a sagging nappy on. It's just not flattering.

xXxStundonxXx said...

I love the prizes!! Least favourite item of clothing is so difficult! Loads of people around here wear their pyjamas out, that is horrific! I mean actual PJs too not just trousers that look like PJs! There was a woman in Asda living wearing her PJ bottoms & dressing gown WTAF!!!
In a clothes sense it has to be chavy crop tops. The girl sat on the tube opposite me this morning had a zip up jacket with diamante writing across the front and it stopped just below the boobs - ming! Still can't get the horrid image out of my head!!

xXxStundonxXx said...

I also tweeted for you http://twitter.com/#!/xXxStundonxXx/status/86122973647470592


Thanks lovely :) xx

J xx said...

Ohhh I likey the scarf on your giveaway !

Least favourite item of clothing has to be socks and sandals on men ! There's simply no excuse !

I'll mention your giveaway on my blog post tonight as well Danni :0)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Lovely prizes, my least favourite clothing is trousers which don't fit and are too short - I can imagine it's difficult if you're tall, but it is possible to buy trousers that don't look ridiculous, I've seen many people achieve it!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I've tweeted too @FHCShopping

Sophie said...

I adore the bangle and brooch! Love a bit of vintage jewellery!

My least favourite are ugg boots, why would you wear slippers outside? Mind boggling!


Sophie said...

I have tweeted too lovely!

Ana M. said...

Hi lovely, thanks for the lovely giveaway! <3

I'm a new follower (spider girl) :)

My least favorite is a dress with tight cuffs! That's all I can think about right now :)

techiespidergurl at gmail dot com

Ana M. said...

I've also tweeted about your giveaway & am following you on Twitter :)

Twitter name: @techspidergirl
Tweet link: https://twitter.com/#!/techspidergirl/status/87470620270542848

techiespidergurl at gmail dot com

Susan said...

Oh what a great question. Um, I have so many, Harem trousers, as you've mentioned.

Jogging bottoms, or worse a full matching tracksuit, worn when you are not a) doing some for of sports or b) lounging about
Leggings as trousers
Bra straps being on show (ok if the colour matches your top)
Toms - sorry, they may be comfy but god they're horrid, and Crocs, same reason.
Jeans that have a stretchy seams around the ankle, does that makes sense? Those ones like jogging bottoms.

I need to stop typing now before I rant even more....

Susan xx

PS: I tweeted too :D

Susan said...

Woops - new comment - I tweeted too :D xx

Penny and Lola said...

shmello pretty! I hate ANYTHING velvet , if I touch it makes me go mental and want to vom.

This is lovely giveaway enter me pretty please
I have tweeted and I will mention you and link on my blog


Lauren said...

I loove that brooch :)

My least favourite kind of clothing is leggings with short top, bleughhh

I follow on GFC as Lauren!

Lauren said...

Also tweeted from @gottaloveatrier xx

Brat said...

Ooooh a giveaway!
For me, it's velour tracksuits! They look absolutely awful and are usually teamed with scraped back hair, huge hoop earrings that would look more at home being used to train your dog and the joggers tucked in socks with reebok classics.
Not. A. Good. Look.

Maria said...

I have quite a few items of clothing I don't like but leggings worn with a crop top and ugg boots has to be one of the worst outfits! I am following you on GFC and on Twitter :)

Maria xxx

Maria said...

I have also tweeted too!

Maria xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I've just tweeted on top of my earlier comment the other day.

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