Monday, 4 July 2011


What a great week it was last week! SUNNY for a start, which always helps. Then on Thursday I went to London to see the Glee Live show, which was amazing! I love Glee but I didn't even think of seeing the live show, then my friend called me up with a spare ticket which I wasn't going to say no to. I wish they'd done more covers of older songs instead of mainly modern stuff but that's just me. The best song of the night was Amber Riley singing Areatha Franklin's 'Ain't No Way'.

My favourite songs of the whole series are the Warblers covers: Bills, Bills, Bills and When I get You Alone - even if you don't like Glee these are great!

Had a nice chilled out Friday in our local beer garden by the seafront, and then on Sunday we went for a party/bbq/camping in a friends back garden. This back garden does happen to include a pool, an orchard, a couple of lawns and a small house in it though, so there was plenty of room!! They'd hired live bands for night as well, so music, food, friends, sun and lots of (too much!) alcohol made it perfect.

I wanted to get a better picture of the dres I wore on Saturday but I didn't on my camera, I'm going to see if anyone else got any but in the meantime I'll put this one up. The dress is a gorgeous prom style dress that goes to just below my knees, bright blue with flowers on and an orange ribbon to cinch it in. I'm also wearing my favourite straw hat that I got in Bristol for £2.99 in a charity shop.

Danni x


Penny and Lola said...

Aaaa you always make me miss the south with its pubs and the seaside. I think I might be moving back there this year ( I used to live in Portsmouth and now im up north ) . I like your face xxxxxx

xXxStundonxXx said...

I went to see Glee in London on Tuesday, loved it x

Sophie - Country girl said...

love the straw hat, thats a proper summer item. Sounds like a fab day on Sunday!

Sophie said...

Love the straw hat! What a bargain!

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