Friday, 29 July 2011

Burgundy bargain

Another great ebay find today. I think I must be getting quite good with working out what will fit me going by the pictures, because I'm having more hits than misses lately.

I think I'll be saving this dress for autumn, but here's a preview:

Original ebay picture

Isn't it pretty?

I am intentionally covering my face with my phone, I'd just finished bootcamp and had no makeup on, not really a look I want to broadcast across the internet...

Looking forward to getting my latest Dorothy Perkins delivery (hopefully today), I bought four dresses, I'm almost definite one won't fit but I put my size in the basket then when I went to pay a few hours later it had gone, so I panic bought a bigger size. If I can't make it work with a belt then it'll have to go back but it was worth a try!

Fingers crossed for a sunny weekend, BBC weather seems to be really optimistic so I'm just going to go with that and ignore all other reports.

Danni x


Lauren said...

That dress is lovely, love the detailing! You're right, perfect for autumn!

Vix said...

Gorgeous dress and a perfect fit, always good when that happens.
It's very dull here but I'm staying optimistic for an evening in the beer garden. x

dinoprincesschar said...

oh what a lovely colour for autumn! can't wait to see what dresses you ordered !

daisychain said...

utterly beautiful! x

Alex said...

You are on a roll!

Hope the DP order fits ok. I find their sizes can vary a bit depending on the style of the dress so you never know, the bigger size might fit absolutely fine.

wholesale clothing said...

fabulous color for autumn! perfectly beautiful.

Sophie - Country girl said...

what a gorgeous dress, love the rich colour and detailing!

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