Friday, 15 July 2011

Perky Pink

Hi all!

What a beautiful day, shame it's not meant to last the weekend. I've just had a lovely picnic lunch at work and managed to get through five glasses of champagne, so I thought I'd write this before I fall asleep under my desk...

I've had lots compliments on my "summery" dress today, it's nice and light and a lovely pale pink colour. I got it from ebay.

I've accessorised with a little pink bow that came with a package, I've just put a couple of grips through the back bits.

I'm seeing Harry Potter tonight. I keep telling people who are seeing this it afternoon not to tell me what happens, and they're like, oh I thought you had read the books?

I have. What an idiot. But I do hate it when people talk about the ending anyway, even though I know what happens I still want to watch it like I don't!

And then tomorrow I'm off to see my friends new baby, Pearl. I told my friend that it was very considerate of her to be two weeks overdue, so that the baby was born just before my only free weekend this month so I could visit. She didn't seem to find it that funny.


Danni x


Penny and Lola said...

I love that bow ! I wish I had a job where we drank champagne on lunch that sounds awesome. Im going to watch potter tonight too . eeeee exited xxxx

Clazzerati said...

so cute and girly, I love it! x

Lauren said...

The dress is very summery! Cute idea with the bow :) not a big Harry Potter fan myself... do not get the hype!

Sophie - Country girl said...

lovely summery dress and the bow is super pretty! I can't wait to see the HP film.

Emma said...

Aw, cute outfit! Enjoy HP. :) x

Jan xx said...

What a gorgeous dress ! Shows off your gorgeous figure lovely :0) xx

I'm dead jealous - champagne lunch (although I wouldn't be able to stand afterwards) and HP in one day !

Enjoy the baby visit :0) xxxx

daisychain said...

I love your little bow x

Michelle of The Feather Den said...

Oh, that dress really is so darling! Love the little bow in your hair, too. Really pulls the adorable look together.

x Michelle |

Alex said...

That HP thing really bugs me - of course I know what's going to happen plot-wise, I just don't know how the film is actually going to portray it! Of course I do know now, because I've been to see it - SQUEE!

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