Friday, 22 July 2011

Giveaway winner!

Hi all!

Well I won't make you wait past my outfit pictures, the winner of my giveaway is...

EDIT - forgot to include this in original post

Sarah! She's lovely and slightly crazy and her blog is very funny. Penny and Lola - go follow it.

Ok so now to my outfit for today.

I've taken that skirt I was wearing last week (remember - when I was so proud of my accessorising!) and cinched it in with a belt. Exciting hey?!

So, charity shop skirt, primark shoes and belt, Velvet cardigan (I don't know how widespread Velvet is, but it's the most amazing shop for homeware and gifts, they do furniture and the one near me does clothes too. I always go in when they've got sales because it's not cheap stuff, but great quality and really unusual too. It's where I got my Royal Wedding party dress from too.) And the accessories are:

Topshop earrings

I literally can't not do this pose in pictures now

And a random little flower thing that I put a hairclip on.

Looking forward to a friend-filled and a (pleasepleaseplease) sunny weekend ahead.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my giveaway, it was loads of fun to do and hopefully I'll do another soon!

Danni x


Susan said...

Yay, well done Sarah :D

Loving the dress/skirt, there's something about white polka dots on a dark fabric that I just cannot not love. xx

dinoprincesschar said...

ooh i love the skirt / dress :) and the flower hairclip as well.
And ysy for Sarah, she's hilarious :)

Amii x said...

Well done Sarah! :D
And btw, I am LOVING the slanted fringe on you :) x

Penny and Lola said...

Yaaay thanks so much hun ! I definitley squeeled. I didnt know I was actually funny haha xxx

Sophie - Country girl said...

bums I didn't win! lovely hair clip and cute dress skirt!

Lauren said...

Ahh so close yet so far! ;) congrats to Sarah! x

Alex said...

Oh bah, it wasn't me. Well done Sarah though - fab prize!

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