Wednesday, 13 July 2011

One(sie) love

Hi everyone! So I haven't been doing loads of posts recently because I promised to stop taking pictures of myself in my mirror. And you know what? I'm going back to it! It's HARD otherwise. I do prefer "proper" photos obviously but it means I have to catch my boyfriend after work and before bootcamp to take a picture of that days outfit, because he leaves for work before I even get up, or I have to take them with the camera and put them on the computer and email them to myself in the morning, and considering I don't even have time to do my make-up in the morning (I do it on the bus on the way to work) I don't have time for all of that either!

I've decided that if you nice people followed me even with pictures taken in a smeary mirror with a visible phone - then you will continue to do so!

To celebrate here is today's outfit picture:

It's a Dorothy Perkins skirt and a Primark dress (via BlargleFargle blog sale) tucked in.

I also added a cute rose ring and wore one of my everyday blue rings that matched the skirt. I got this ring in India and it has a "star" in it when the light catches it - I've taken two pics with flash on and off so you can see what I mean:

With light. Shiny!

Lastly, here is my most recent purchase. I got it for a pyjama party in the pub (my stepmum's 50th birthday, she crazy) but I didn't wear it. I put it on last night because I was chilly, and it's luvverly.

I may have also bought a monkey onesie for my boyfriend (complete with ears and a tail) which, after initial reservations, he loves.

Danni x


Sophie said...

I want a onesie! I have been after one for ages, perfect for when I am hungover!

Sophie - Country girl said...

a onesie sounds perfect.

Jan xx said...

The star ring is really pretty Danni :0) Blue really suits you.

What's a onesie? (Sorry, am a bit dim! hahah)

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