Monday, 21 March 2011

Bloody Mary with extra Tomato Juice

Hi! I hope you all had lovely weekends. Mine was great. I managed to sneak out of work just early enough to go to the charity shops near my house before they closed. I got a good haul too!

Do not adjust your computer screen, this dress really is that scary tomato-red colour! I'm going to shorten this, I might keep the excess fabric to make a head wrap or something because it's just fantastic!

I also got a brown St Michael's skirt, which is quite versatile - pull down low for work, put up above the waist for the pub! And I'm wearing it with a lovely brown and white spot shirt that I bought.

The shirt is a bit over-sized so I'm more likely to wear it under a dress so it's a bit more flattering.

I got this crazy pink dress, it's really good quality thick material, but I'm not sure how much I like it. It wouldn't work being taken up and I just don't think the length is great...I'll give another try in a week or so and see how I feel. I think it would look better with flat shoes and bare legs, wearing my cowboy boots with it kind of clogged it up even more!

I also got a little set of drawers for £4, which for some reason I've deleted the picture of so I'll show you another time.

The Boyfriend and I went out for a meal on Saturday to celebrate our two year anniversary (wow!) and had a great time. Lots of drinking and good food including this bad boy:

I don't like any cheese except melted cheese and this was all warm and runny and good for bread-dipping, mmmm.....

I wore...

...a purple ASOS dress that is one of my fail-safe favourites, a bit boobylicious but that's good! I wore it with a fantastic kimono that I got from a site called Eat Me Vintage. I did say to them I'd do a nice mini-review but to be honest it's really hard to style it with things. I think that's been the case because I've been wearing things with sleeves because of winter, so hopefully I'll be able to style it with more strappy dresses, because it is rather lovely. Also a lovely locket the Boyfriend gave me a while ago and some Rimmel red lippy. I had my hair re-dyed too so I was feeling good!

Last picture now! I wanted to show you my crazy but cool dress that I always throw on when I pop to the shops on a sunny weekend:

I got it last summer from a Rocking Horse charity shop. It's actually quite thick and heavy and it can get weirdly hot to wear! But I think it's really nice and unusual.

I think that's it now! Just to say that I'm feeling very inspired to try to be healthier again after letting things slip the last couple of weeks, thanks to the lovely girls over at 'where are my knees?'

Where Are My Knees?

They're doing tips, guest posts, and sharing their goals to try and achieve them with everybody watching!!

Danni x


Sophie said...

I adore the red dress! Its such a gorgeous colour! Amazing! Cant wait to see it once you have worked your magic on it!
I get paid on Friday and so looking forward to having a little mooch around the charity shops!
Ahhhh Camembert is my favourite, I could eat it all day long!
Awwww congrats on the anniversary, you looked lovely in your purple dress :)

Alice said...

You got so many lovely things, the red dress is perfect, definitely keep the fabric you chop off, it might come in useful.

I really like the 'crazy but cool' dress too.
Congratulations on the anniversary, sounds like it was a wonderful night xx

daisychain said...

that red dress is seriously amazing.

Alex said...

Wow, you've been finding some treasures haven't you? I love that red dress - such a fab shade. The string dress is amazing too!

Lauren said...

I like the pink dress! And the one in the last picture, it looks fab :)

Clazzerati said...

Ooo i love the tomatoe red dress, what a find! Not bee too successful in charity shops of late but you've motivated me to go back and have another look! xx

Susy said...

You look gorgeous in the ASOS number, very vampy (in the sexy way not Twilight way..)

Thank you for sharing the link to 'where are my knees?' Just had a wee look, think it's going to be a great one to follow. xx

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