Friday, 25 March 2011

Buses, rushing, and not quite making it.

You know when you're trying to get somewhere really quickly and everything is against you? I had that last night and this morning. Last night I had to leave work early and get to the dry cleaners to pick up my bridesmaids dress for tomorrow (I'd told the bride-to-be that it was sorted a week ago...) and managed to get there five minutes after they closed. So I consoled myself by buying (yet another!) new dress. I'd already gotten a lovely one through from ebay that day too. Missing the dry-cleaners meant that I had to collect the dress this morning and be a bit late for work. Well, that was the plan. Instead I managed to get on a 'trainer' bus for the learner bus drivers and it took over an hour to get to work. Oops. I had to spread the dress over two seats to keep it smooth, and hold my hand up really high to carry it around because it's so long. If only I'd gotten there five minutes sooner and been able to put it in the Boyfriends car last night. I have a ten minute walk and an hour bus journey to go through now, with the dress.

But my Dad's wedding is tomorrow, he's marrying a lovely woman, and it's going to be a very crazy and alcohol filled few days! Fingers crossed for the sun lasting. IF (and this is a big if, because I don't like the dress at all) I manage to get a good picture of me at the wedding in my dress then I'll put it up next week. We'll see!

Here's the dress I got from ebay for £8:

And the dress I bought from H&M. If you follow me on twitter you will have seen me asking whether to buy a suedette dress from peacocks with a cut-out pattern. I'm really glad I found this one because the cut-out pattern is just the same but it's in a nice light cotton, and a lovely navy colour:

The only thing that isn't great is that the drawstring waistline makes it look a bit casual, so I think I'd wear a nice belt over that bit if I wanted to dress it up.

I hope you all have lovely weekends, I can't wait for the drinking to start! (And the meaningful act of matrimony of course...)

Danni x


Lauren said...

More gorgeous dresses! I really like the cut out one, it would be great casual or dressy! Awh have a great time at the wedding :) My mum was meant to get married this year but due to recession can't afford it yet!

Alice said...

Both dresses are so beautiful, I love the cut out pattern detailing. Have a wonderful time at the wedding xx

daisychain said...

I swear you have THE best collection of dresses!

Alex said...

Oh what gorgeous new frcks! The cutout details on that second one are so pretty.

Hope you have a fab time at the weekend. Take some nice pics - I want to see you in that bridesmaid dress!

corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...

wow! looking stunning as always, i love the cut out dress :)

enjoy the wedding :)

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