Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Rock your body

My current need (of course I mean want) is a body. Or is it bodysuit? Who knows. Anyway, when I wear sheer dresses (or something like the crazy dress in my most recent clothing post) I have to wear leggings and a top underneath them. Now it's getting sunnier, I'm considering shorts and a top, but either way I still have the problem of having too much flesh visible in the gap between bottom and top. As I'm typing this I'm worrying that I'd read it and think 'Why don't you just get better fitting clothes??' which is a good point. But there's something about me that makes leggings constantly slide down. And tops slide up. That something is my massive hips. Leggings like to sit underneath them and not struggle to cling to such a curve which is fair enough really, I wouldn't like to have such a difficult job(!).

ANYWAY, the point of all this is that I am struggling to find a body that's suitable for my figure. Here's a few I've found:

I think that the two New Look ones are best for what I need, although they are a bit high-necked for me. The Topshop one I absolutely love and could imagine wearing as a top on its own. The problem is solved short-term by the fact that I have no money, but when payday comes I think I'll be off to New Look!

Here's a picture of the t-shirt I'm  wearing today, I'm feeling quite summery with it on especially as I don't have my usual body-cover-up cardigan on. This was given to me by a friend.

And my earrings are lovely and bright. I'm also wearing this skirt with the cute bow.

And lastly here's a picture of the weird little drawers that I forgot to take a picture of before, that I got for £4 in one of my local charity shops:

Excuse the mass of cheap jewellery next to it!

Danni x


Susy said...

The Topshop one is adorable, but then the New Look ones are a bit more purse friendly.

Such a cute tee, very summery :) Long may the sunshine last. xx

daisychain said...

I picked up some bodies in New Look a couple of years ago that were perfect...

do they still do them? Not a sodding chance :( x

Alex said...

You don't have massive hips! Honestly woman, look at your figure - you are such a perfect, enviable hourglass shape.

The Asda body is surprisingly nice isn't it?

Penny and Lola said...

I know exactly what you mean , I spend my life pulling up my tights and pulling my tops down . Very annoying !xx

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