Monday, 7 March 2011

"You'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap!"

I love that Dolly Parton quote!

The reason I used it is because I went to a vintage fair on Sunday, and I just couldn't believe the prices. I've ranted about this before, how shops like Beyond Retro are taking advantage of the vintage obsession and charging extortionate prices for things. The fair itself was lovely, to look around at old furs, hats, jewellery, shoes...but although some people were doing bargain prices on jewellery and £10 sale rails, everything else seemed to start at £30 and go on up!

The charity shops in Brighton aren't as cheap as in smaller towns, and there are no jumble sales to get the dirt cheap prices (although I'm still working on trying to set one up) so if you want to just buy vintage it ends up being very expensive!

Here's the dress I wore to the fair, which I'd found on Friday in my local Oxfam for £7.99, along with a Bacardi cocktail set for £2.99 (that was a price I liked!)

This picture is telling me I need to clean my mirror, it's filthy!

*Random doughnut picture alert*

We bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts on Saturday, look how lovely this one was:

So pretty!

Danni x


daisychain said...

I need a pink sparkly doughnut in my life! I love your dress, it looks amazing on you x

Lauren said...

That dress is fantastic! As is that doughnut!!

Alice said...

I rarely ever buy vintage at vintage shops/fares because they always tend to be overpriced. I would much rather source it myself and pay a fraction of the price.
I love Krispy Kreme xx

Alex said...

I think it's like most things - it goes mainstream and gets commercialised and it starts costing more. The last vintage fair I went to was really good - things were all very reasonably priced and so I bought more. I doubt I'd buy something priced over £30 unless it was a special occasion dress or suchlike.

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