Friday, 11 March 2011


I'm a very happy bunny today. This is because
  • It's Friday
  • I'm going charity shopping all day tomorrow in a small town outside Brighton
  • I got the best dress ever from ebay yesterday
Oh the dress. It's amazing. My ebay purchases are good about 50% of the time; this one's definitely a winner. I don't think I've ever been so content after putting on a dress. No 'if I add a belt it'd look great' or 'when I lose some weight it will work', just instant loveliness!

I love it. I also got another dress which again doesn't need anything doing to it and is just rather lovely:

And then this shirt dress which does need adjusting. I was thinking of cutting the bottom half off and re-attaching it with elastic thread to make a stretchy waistline. I've never sewn with elastic thread but the tutorials make it seem fairly easy. We'll see...

Hopefully I'll have some fab finds to show you after the weekend!

Have a good one everyone,

Danni x


Lauren said...

That dress from ebay is beautiful :) really verastile too.

Alex said...

I'm chuffed with ebay too - I won a H&M jacket which arrived within 2 days and is utterly gorgeous - so warm, the perfect fit and looks brand new! It makes me wonder why I don't look on there for clothes more often.

corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...

wow u look great in the top dress, fits like a dream!

how are you getting on with your sewing machine? mines still a little bit temperamental!

MJ said...

That top dress is incredible - what a great fit!

Sophie said...

The top dress is amazing, I love the colour on you!
Also loving the floral pattern, cant wait to see it once you have done your magic on it!
About the dress: I still dont know what to do! I have found some shoes for it though haha! I am thinking of leaving it that length for the summer and then hemming it to just about the knee for the Autumn. I talk about Hemming like I know what I am doing! I have never ever altered a thing in my life! I almost dont want to try in case I ruin it!
Jealous about the charity shoppping! Did you find anything nice? I am gutted I overlsept and missed a bootsale on Sunday! Oh well always next Sunday!

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