Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Holey ripped tights Batman!

I know this is a problem for everyone, but aren't ripped tights bloody annoying?! I've had to walk around work all day with bare legs feeling a bit risqué because my tights ripped all the way down the back after a couple of hours. It looks like I got really excited about the sun and had to take my clothes off regardless of the cold. I am excited about the sun, and wouldn't think twice about wearing this skirt with bare legs in the summer, but my legs aren't ready to come out of hibernation yet! I want to just stick to leggings, lovely comfy leggings that don't run, that you don't have to think about at all, but tights just look that little bit nicer (to me). Also with leggings it isn't really a problem to show a bit of bum, whereas with tights you can end up showing too much!

Anyway, tight rant aside, just a quick outfit post today:

With and without my lovely yellow cardi from a charity shop. It creates really bad static electricity, I had to look up "cures" for it this morning; if you rub moisturiser on your body where the clothes touch, then with moisturiser still on your hands put the item back on again and wipe your hands on top of it (obviously don't do this with things that could stain!) then it goes. It actually worked!

You can't see this skirt very well but I got it from New Look recently, £22 down to £8 and it's gorgeous, it flares out a bit and has a cute bow on the pocket.

Accessorised with a wooden necklace (charity shop) and my amber ring.

Danni x


Lauren said...

I hate laddering tights! I did it yesterday for the first time in ages and was really annoyed. My legs were in no state for me to take them of though haha!

I really like the necklace! Good find, as is the cardi. I was browsing round a charity shop today and got a blouse. They had some seriously bright coloured blazers! I was actually wondering if I should get one but then I realised must be going mad and backed away from the bright blue blazer I was looking at!

daisychain said...

anything with little bows gets my vote!

Alice said...

I really like the wooden necklace and I am always worried my tights are going to split/ladder, it is quite a pain xx

Alex said...

That necklace is truly gorgeous.

As for the tights thing, I'm really lucky and hardly ever ladder them. I think that's mostly because I swear by DP 80 or 120 denier tights and they last forever! I just don't trust those very thin ones cos I know I'd kill them straightaway.

two birds said...

lovely! i love little surprise elements like a bow! as for legs coming out in winter...i'm with you!

corsets, crafts and cupcakes said...

ooh i love the wooden necklace, it really adds to the outfit! you look lovely!

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