Friday, 4 March 2011

Love it or Hate it?

Primark. Do you love it or hate it? Or like me - both! I've had an on/off relationship with Primark for the last year or so. It started when there was uproar about them being really unethical and not paying the workers that made the clothes enough, so I decided to stop shopping in there. Then more recently I did a little research and saw that they were trying to be better, and to be honest a lot of the high street shops are just the same, so I went back. And then there's the fact that - let's face it - it just isn't always great quality, and that can get really frustrating. Even if you're not paying a lot you still want both sides of the dress to be symmetrical and the zips not to break, it's not too much to ask!

Yesterday my friend sent me this article about women falling out of love with Primark. I do hate Liz Jones, she talks utter crap a lot of the time, a great example in this article being the fantastically weird quote: "I was open-mouthed when I asked Laura, 14, whether the playsuit she’d bought would still be in fashion come autumn. ‘Who cares? I might be dead by then,’ she said." I mean, WTF?!

As for the ethical bit, here is a statement from the Ethical Trade Initiative about Primark which shows that they're really trying to change their ways by hiring an Ethical Director.

From the slice of life I can see through blogging Primark doesn’t seem to be less popular, people acknowledge that it isn’t the highest quality but there also seems to be a noticeable improvement in the styles, that they are more similar to high fashion than they used to be. Primark isn’t really a place to be ashamed to shop any more although I do think that more women should be aware of the affects of “fast fashion” and genuinely buy things that they will wear often. Obviously I shop all the time but I’ve always only tried to buy things that I know I will wear, I’ve never bought things just because they’re fashionable. I’ve made a concerted effort lately to shop less, it can be annoying having constant guilt about not being green with your buying but to be honest I think everyone needs a bit of that guilt about things; buying clothes, recycling, dropping litter etc otherwise it doesn’t get better.

Speaking of dropping litter – I personally think that compared to when I was younger places are a lot cleaner, in my (completely un-informed) opinion this is because it was so drilled into our generation that dropping litter is bad that it’s just not done as much, and I can only hope that that is what will happen with our current over-consumption.

The bit of the article I really agreed with was the very last line "...adopt a new mantra for clothes shopping: buy less, love it more."

What do you think?

Danni x


daisychain said...

I love this post,

and if I could afford to shop elsewhere for fast fashion I would!

I tend to invest more in basics that will last, but for anything on trend/will only be worn a handful of times then Primark is where it's at.

Alex said...

It's not somewhere I shopped in until about a year ago, when I had to replace the whole wardrobe and the low prices they charge were very useful! I think I've been there once in the past 4 or 5 months and I only bought some pj bottoms. I'm increasingly turned off by the shoddy quality of the production and materials used in the clothes and the fact that the things I do like are going to be bought by about a million other people.

It used to be substantially cheaper than places like H&M or shopping in the sales but not any more. I think I'd rather give my money to H&M cos they do have some proper ethical policies in place.

Also I am slowly working my way round to the buy less, love it more ethos. It's just hard to look objectively at my wardrobe and decide what I actually need, rather than hitting the shops and just buying pretty things!

Vintage Vixen said...

I've never bought from Primark.
Aside from the ethical reasons I can't abide cheap clothing, I love the feel of quality fabric and would rather pay £10 for a vintage dress than the same price for a mass-produced piece of high street tat that has the lifespan of a piece of cheese and will be seen on the world and her sisters' backs for the next six weeks.
I don't follow fashion, I buy pieces I love through dedicated searching. If your wardrobe is packed with beautiful. quirky pieces that fit to perfection who cares if Anna Wintour and her ilk deem them as unfashionable? They make me happy. xxx

Alice said...

I have a similar love/hate relationship with Primark. I bought a cardigan a couple of months back, got it home and already there was a hole in it so took it straight back. The quality is poor at the best of times, but the prices are reasonable- especially for basics like vest tops, pj's etc.

Very interesting topic, I must admit I do loathe how everybody and their dog probably have the same dress from Primark! xx

Lisa said...

Primark is so popular because of the price and people can go and get an outfit there for maybe a third of a Topshop outfit. Sure, the quality isn't quite up to scratch, but the same trend/style is being projected. I personally try to avoid Primark. Everything I end up buying from there gets neglected as I always prefer to wear my better quality clothes from shops such as Topshop. Although saying that, Primark do great accessories: shoes, tights,bags, hair accessories.. etc. You have to think less about the price and more about whether you would wear it over something better you own.


Clazzerati said...

hmm i've always been a Primark fan although recently i have been shopping there less - maybe it's an age thing but i'm certainly edging towards a slightly higher quality in my clothing. Or maybe it's because now i'm making more of my own stuff i can see their designs are pretty poor. Either way, i think Primark will always have a place on the high street, but i do think eventually there will be a shift back to higher quality designs. xx

Alex said...

Hey lovely. If you still have any copies left that would be fantastic and super generous of you! I am struggling so much with this book ban, haha!

Anonymous said...

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