Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I Heart Sweaters

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a flippin' good Pancake Day yesterday (see what I did there?!) I had a lovely time, being made pancakes by my wonderful friend Jess.

Today I'm wearing the skirt I wore last week but with a very cute sweater, and I think it goes really well. I do love a good sweater, I think that they suit a curvy girls shape as they show off your figure whilst being thick enough to be flattering to your lady lumps! This one's from Primark and I recently bought a bright-pink-with-black-bunnies one from Next via Ebay which I'm hoping to wear soon. I've gone a bit mad on ebay recently but will hopefully have a lovely influx of fab dresses soon. The first one came yesterday and is gorgeous, but needs a wash as it just smells too musty to wear at the moment.
Here's a pic of the skirt and sweater:

Cute non?

Lastly here's a link to A Thrifty Mrs' blog for a giveaway she's running; you could win a dress from Hummingbird Vintage (and jewellery!) and they do some lovely stuff. I'll be jealous if any of you win!

Danni x


Susy said...

I love that jumper, I have seen an increase in cute jumpers recently and that's def one I shall be looking out for :)


Alice said...

That sweater is very cute indeed, I love heart prints xx

Lauren said...

Sweaters are very flattering, this one is so cute!

Alex said...

Oh you look absolutely gorgeous - such a flattering and pretty silhouette. I have one super cute jumper that needs to be worn more often but I'm always struggling to pick the perfect skirt to go with it - I'm paranoid about looking bulgy round the tum!

Misfits Vintage said...

Yes, you look super cute!

Srah xxx

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